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Hello, nice to meet you!

     Born in Kentucky, Sarah Duttlinger spent her childhood running around her family nursery, playing with cats and rose bushes, and has since transferred that energy and curiosity to the stage.  Currently based out of Denver, CO she works as an actor, educator, outreach assistant, choreographer, and combatant (as a registered Advanced Actor-Combatant with the SAFD).

        Sarah is a graduate of  Mary Baldwin University in association with the American Shakespeare Center, having earned her MLitt/MFA in Shakespeare & Performance. During her time with Mary Baldwin her MFA cohort founded the Fireside Shakespeare Company, an ensemble and collaborative company that aimed to bring an empathetic collective of voices back to the theatre and around the proverbial fire once more. Sarah loves the outdoors, adventure, a little mystery and fog, and she believes life is a little better off the beaten track and tries to stay there as often as possible.

Fun Fact: She is also the proud author of a novella entitled, Revenge Under Fire!


Downloadable Resumes & References Below
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